Why Test?

Why Test CBD Products?

The first test is done for determining the levels of cannabinoids in the product. Hemp doesn't contain only CBD; cannabidiol is only one of the numerous cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant, and a lab test is necessary for determining the concentrations of all these compounds and therefore the potency of the CBD oil.

THC, the other abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, is the one that gives the psychoactive properties and can only be ingested in small amounts as a result. THC has analgesic effects and has been shown to have positive effects with cancer and undesirable muscle spasms in people with MS. It also has been shown to increase appetite and assist with glaucoma. However, only small amounts of THC can be tolerated before the psychoactive effects occur. Our products contain trace amounts of THC and are not designed to have any psychoactive properties.

Pesticide testing is important to ensure the safety of hemp and cannabis compounds, as the plants can be treated with herbicides and fungicides and too high of concentrations of these substances can cause significant side effects.

The microbiological testing is done to make sure no harmful bacteria or mold is on the hemp plants.

Terpene testing is done to identify compounds that give color and distinctive flavors to the hemp plant. Terpenes are pungent oils that provide flavors like citrus, pine, mint or berry.

Solvents are used when the plants are processed and turned into oils, powders or other products, but only for the solvent-based extraction processes. Too high concentrations of solvents like ethanol, propane, carbon dioxide or acetone can lead to unpleasant health effects and can turn the products into highly flammable ones. There should be no detectable solvents in a non-synthetic full spectrum cbd oil.

Lab tests for any hemp products provide valuable information on more than just the content of THC or CBD. It's useful to know these facts and to get informed before purchasing a CBD oil from just any company. Soko Canna only sells products that pass our strict quality assurance standards.