The Importance of CBD Education for the Masses

  Recently we announced that we will be assisting in the education of CBD to students at Mission Valley College. Mission Valley College announced that they will be offering CBD courses to their students. While that is a very big honor for us here at SoKo, it is only a drop in the bucket of what is truly needed to educate the masses on CBD. Currently there are 9 states offering Cannabis studies programs or certificates. Unfortunately most of these courses are only for marijuana. CBD programs are far less in circulation, but we can see an increase as colleges such as Mission Valley, Eastern Oklahoma State University and the American College of Apothecaries begin to offer programs on CBD.

  High schools are also looking to offer technical education in CBD studies to help groom the next leaders of the CBD industry. The school board of Bristol, Va., voted unanimously in January to offer CBD classes. This will support their students to break into the industry and offer knowledge to other students in the sector, that may not have known about CBD and it’s benefits.

  What does this say about the CBD industry? It’s says that the culture is growing faster than before. The ability to educate people allows us many advantages outside of just helping the industry find more qualified employees. It lets people know that CBD is turning into a major competitor to pharmaceutical drugs, chemical pain relievers and many other products in use today to relieve many issues that CBD can help treat or possibly cure. It sends a signal to all of these companies to not only take notice, but to prepare for major change.

  Even if you are not a student attending a CBD course, educating yourself on CBD could help you find a natural alternative too many ailments. Issues like arthritis, anxiety, depression, skin conditions and pain relief just to name a small few. Understanding how CBD works and what it does to the body has converted millions of people to this natural hemp product.

  Consumers of all ages are seeing the benefits to CBD and this is presenting new minds to the cause. We will soon be at a Tipping Point where major change, is not only going to happen, it is going to make history. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about: What if you were someone who had to take a prescription opioid, take your pick because there are plenty to choose from, every day to help you with a constant pain you experience in your body (say your back for instance). You not only have to deal with the addiction this drug may cause but you also have to deal with the major side effects like nausea, ulcers or drowsiness. What if someone came to you or you educated yourself on the benefits and relief CBD offers, that it offers the same pain relief without the side effects and is 100% natural unlike the chemicals being pushed to you? What if you learned there have never been any reported cases of addiction to CBD? What if you found out that not only does CBD help with your pain but it also helps relieve your anxiety or possibly your depression? Finally, imagine you have the answers to everything I just talked about in this example, but now this is for a loved one. It is for your mother, father, sister, brother or any family member you care about? Would you make the switch?

  We at SoKo can think of a million reasons why education in CBD is more important than ever. We love creating a product that speaks to our values and stays within our brands statement. But to us, saving a family member from the opioid crisis that continues to grow means one less victim. If we can save just one life here at SoKo with our CBD products, then we have done our job.