2019 Licensing Expo

Our time in Las Vegas was phenominal! Not because it is the city that never sleeps, but because of history being made in the licensing industry. The 2019 Licensing Expo was the FIRST time Hemp & Cannabis brands were able showcase their companies at the show. Being one of twelve brands for this event was not only an honor, it was our chance to shine. The showcase allowed SoKo to be viewed by some of the biggest companies, brands and representatives in the Licensing Business. Not only did SoKo have opportunities to expand our brand throughout multiple industries, but we were the talk of the exhibit.

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Brands from across the country were invited by Prohbtd, a brand management and cannabis culture company, into the Expo. It was a collection of CBD and THC styled companies that wanted to be the first at the event to showcase how far the Cannabis industry has come. While the “stigma” of cannabis at the expo was present, but not nearly as present as the acceptance we saw. Companies like Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Universal, Activision, Nintendo, CMA and many more had interest in the industry which to all of us felt amazing. It was more successful than any of us would have dreamed. Licensing companies throughout the expo talked with us about brand managment, finding ways to license SoKo and many other options. The outpouring of support within this expo was staggering and just flat out amazing to see!

Facebook live behind the scenes video of Dave SoKos interview with Prohbtd. With commentary by CMO Jason Brooks

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