SoKo CBD Infused Coconut Shrimp

Infusing your food has never been easier. SoKo Culinary Creations is proud to produce cooking oils infused with SoKo CBD. This recipe uses our Coconut CBD oil to make the perfect dish for any dinner ocassion. A 100% organic recipe that not only tastes amazing, it also supports gut health and all the benefits related to CBD. Experiment using any of the SoKo Culinary Creations Infused cooking oils or replace your regular oils to boost your health.

What you will need for this recipe: (Serving Size = 1)

Cooking time - 10 minutes


3-5 Tablespoons of SoKo CBD Infused Coconut Oil (Depending on need)

1/2 - Red Pepper - Chopped

1/2 - Green Pepper - Chopped

1/2 - Zuccini - Chopped

1/2 - Yellow Squash - Chopped

1/2-1 Cup of ready to cook shrimp

Salt & Pepper for flavor



Pre-heat pan, add SoKo CBD Coconut Oil. Once oil has been brought to temperature add pepper, zuccini, squash, salt & pepper and saute until partially cooked. Add shrimp and continue to saute untl shrimp is fully cooked. Plate and enjoy!

Enjoy all SoKo Culinary Creations

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