Should You Vape or Ingest CBD?

It’s A Matter Of Need

This is a question we are asked quite a bit at the SoKO ball, expos, events or even face to face. Is it better to Vape or Ingest CBD? The answer we usually like to give is, YES. While this answer may seem like a joke there is some truth behind it. The real answer is that it depends on what you want the CBD to do for you and how it will be delivered.

Advantages of Ingesting CBD:

When ingesting, the path to success takes longer we like to say. CBD has to enter your stomach first, where some of it is broken down by your gut biome/stomach and then pushed to your liver. There are some great advantages when your stomach processes the CBD before hitting the liver. The biggest advantage is that it lowers inflammation in your stomach. So people with IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Upset Stomach, Heartburn can fell the benefits of how CBD reacts in the stomach and intestines. There are also some disadvantages however, like the CBD being processed through the liver. In order to enter the bloodstream CBD has to pass the liver, the livers enzymes and other chemical processes will break down the CBD which then passes whats left into the bloodstream. This process of the liver is called the “First-Pass Effect” because it acts as the gatekeeper before giving the CBD access into your bloodstream. This is when you start to hear about “Bio-Availability” being discussed. In simple terms “Bio-Availability” is the percentage of CBD that is passed from your liver to your bloodstream. So you will lose some of the CBD due to the “First-Pass Effect” through your liver which will decrease “Bio-Availability” when CBD is ingested. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a CBD edible or Cook your food with a SoKO CBD cooking oil or Use a SoKO tincture. Ingestibles have more miligrams of CBD than Vapes because of how it is processed so it gives you the same benefits without losing “Bio-Availability” if you look at the difference.

Advantages Of Vaping CBD:

Vapes work completely different than ingestibles because of how they are processed through the body. Remember that “First-Pass Effect” CBD has to travel through in order to hit your bloodstream? Well Vaping skips that step completely. When you vape you are taking the CBD into your lungs which absorbs and pushes the CBD directly into your blood stream, “Bio-Availability” is higher because of how Vape interacts with the body. This gives some advantage over ingesting. Vaping affects the body faster because it goes directly into the bloodstream from the lungs, so you will feel better faster than if you ingest. You’ll get all of the advantages like anxiety relief, pain relief, better mental focus and clarity, relaxation and even help with insomnia. The disadvantage with Vaping though is that it’s effects wear off faster than ingestible CBD. Because it hits the bloodstream so quickly it also dilutes in the bloodstream faster and in turn wears off sooner.

So Which Way Is Better?

That is a matter of preference. Whether ingesting or vaping you can expect most to all of the same benefits CBD has to offer. Ingesting works through the stomach faster because of how it is delivered so if you are someone with IBS, nausea or anything stomach/gut related this may be a more efficient way to help those issues. If you have painful joints, headache or anxiety and want quick relief vaping may be the best option for you. The point is that it really does depend on your need. One thing we always suggest is to vape and ingest. Then you get the best of both worlds. Quicker efficacy due to the vape and longer efficacy due to the ingesting. YOU CANNOT OVERDOSE ON CBD, so do not worry when experimenting on what works best for you.

What About Topicals? You Didn’t Say ANYTHING About Topicals!

You are right, we didn’t. Since topicals are an outside of the body delivery method they work completely different than either Vaping or Ingesting. Topicals are for treating “local” issues on the skin, muscles or joints. Have a sunburn on your shoulders? Apply a little SoKO Anti-Aging Salve. Skin rash? SoKO Healing Salve will do the trick. Knee pain? How about some SoKO CBD Freeze?

The point is that topicals are to help affected areas outside of the body where there is no need to ingest or vape. Some topicals not only help with areas but can even remove the ailment completely. Eczema treated with our Healing Salve has all but dissapeared completely from a SoKO family members elbows. We’re just saying…

Quick Bullet Points:

  • Ingesting takes longer to interact with the body because of the “First-Pass Effect” but lasts longer than vape.

  • Vaping works faster than Ingesting but will not last as long because it moves directly through the lungs to bloodstream.

  • If your issue is gut, stomach or has anything to do with your internal organs ingesting may work better.

  • If your issue is joint pain, neurological, lung, extremity related then vaping may work best.

  • CBD is “hydrophobic” which means it does not work well with water. Thats why infusion with oils are used (viscocity helps). Our blood is made up of mostly water (92%) so CBD moves quickly through the blood stream and ends up in fatty tissues if not prepared correctly.

  • “Bio-Availability” is the amount of CBD your body absorbs after delivery.

  • Make sure any CBD product you purchase has 3rd party testing. Do not trust any company that keeps testing in-house.


Remember this is a brief synopsis of how CBD is delivered and efficacy. This article is not for the treatment or diagnoses of any ailments or issues.